Tostada de salmon ahumado

A delight! And so so fresh. I made it with oven baked corn tortillas (it becomes a tostada) sprinkled with sesame seeds and the smoked salmon is from Norway.


Just place on a tostada: a few slices of avocado and some smoked salmon. Top with a slice of Gari (Japanese ginger pickle) and sprinkle with dried mint and lime juice.



At the market – old ware

A pan, a stove and a weighing scale.
Photo taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Tarte Tatin à la mangue

Mangos are amazingly delicious this time of year in Mexico, so here one of my favourite sweet treats. And who could resist a Tarte Tatin?


1- Peel and cut roughly four mangos. I used “Manila mango” as they are known in Mexico, very sweet and without fiber.
2- Place in a cooking pot along two tablespoons of butter and one third of a cup of brown sugar. Cook on very low fire for about 10 minutes, or until it starts to make bubbles.
3- Place the mango mix at the bottom of a baking pan (preferably a porcelain baking dish). Cover with uncooked flaky dough (“masa hojaldre”). Cut around the dish so as to leave an edge of one centimetre. With a fork make a few wholes in the dough.
4- Place in a medium oven (170º c.) for 30 minutes, or until the dough is cooked.
5- Once it is done, turnover immediately (be careful it is very hot!) on a flat plate. Flatten the dough and scrape some of the mango that might have gotten stuck to the baking dish and spread on the tart.
6- Serve at room temperature.


In the kitchen – Tomate

What is known in Mexico as “tomate” (the red tomato is called “ji-tomate”) and is sometimes referred to in English as “tomatillo” or “husk tomato”, is a typical Mexican “fruit” (it is of the Solanaceae family, just like the tomato).
It is most often used in sauces (“salsa verde”) with onion, garlic, chile, lime and cilantro. The sauce can be served either raw or cooked, to accompany fish or chicken, or on top of Tacos.
– Photo – Fig & Lemon

Fresh tuna with mango and avocado

A really nice way to prepare fresh Tuna and I love the colour combination. Make sure all the ingredients are fresh.


1- Sprinkling the fresh tuna filet with black pepper and let it stand for about 15 minutes while you prepare the topping.
2- For the topping, mix in a bowl: mango (I like to use the non fibrous kind), cucumber, avocado, red onions (sliced), grated fresh ginger root, fresh mint (and/or cilantro), lemon juice and olive oil. Mix well and set aside.
3- In a pan, place a little bit of olive oil and cook the tuna turning it over just once. I like to take it out of the pan mid-way and cut it in slices than return the slices to the pan. Make sure the inside remains almost raw so that the fish stays juicy and tender.

To serve: simply top the fish with the mango and avocado mix and place a little more on the side. I served it with plain Jasmine rice. Enjoy! 

Mango, rose and ginger

A lovely idea for a colourful mid-morning snack!


Just place mangos (preferably the non fibrous kind) and sprinkle with dried rose petals and fresh ginger root grated.