Cucumber and avocado cold soup

Wonderful as an appetiser when the temperatures are up!

One tip before you start making the soup, make sure the cucumbers are cold. I know cucumbers are not supposed to go in the fridge, but make an exception this time, and leave them in the fridge for an hour.


For four servings: 
In a blender just mix: two small cucumbers, two avocados at the point of becoming ripe (if you use ripe and very soft avocados, the soup will not taste as fresh), the juice of one lime juice, two cloves of garlic, a bunch of fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of crushed black pepper and one cup of natural yoghurt.

To serve, place some coarse salt and Tabasco sauce on the side for guests to add to their servings. It goes well with fresh bread. 

Arugula salad with mango chutney

Sharing our Friday lunch. A delight filled with colours and taste!


1- Just place gently in a deep plate: arugula, mango, papaya and avocado. All should be fresh and if possible organic.
2- Sprinkle with: fresh ginger root grated, fresh cilantro, lime juice, olive oil and a few blackberries.
3- Place a tablespoon of mango chutney (recipe here), and enjoy with fresh bread or oven-baked corn tostadas.

Guacamole con Chile Chipotle

A traditional snack in our house, here with a little zing from adding Chile Chipotle. Guacamole is the easiest dish to prepare, just make sure all the ingredients are very fresh, and if possible organic.


For one large avocado (or two small ones): 
1- Cut one tomato in cubes as well as the avocado.
2- Add some salt, a bunch of fresh cilantro chopped and as much as Chile Chipotle as you desire.
3- Mix and serve immediately with oven baked tostadas.

Peach, avocado and rose topping for fish tostada

Filled with goodness and a dash of rose petals!


For two filets of fish:
1- In a large bowl mix: one large peach or two small peaches cut in cubes, one large avocado cut in cubes, one cucumber also cut in cubes, some fresh ginger root cut in very small pieces, a generous bunch of fresh cilantro chopped, some fresh black pepper crushed, a teaspoon of cumin, some olive oil and if you have it at hand, a teaspoon of dried roses.
2- Cook the fish as you wish –I used Tuna and simply seared it in a pan. Cut in cubes.

To serve, place tostadas on each plate and let everyone serve themselves the fish topping it with the peach mixture. Enjoy!

Tuna tostada Moroccan style

Fusion some may call it. I’ll just call it delicious.


For one steak of fresh Tuna
1- Cut the Tuna in cubes while it is slightly frozen, that will prevent it from shredding under the knife.
2- In a bowl mix: red and yellow organic tomatoes cut in cubes, one cucumber cut in cubes, half a red onion cut in small pieces, some fresh ginger root shredded, freshly ground pepper, cumin, either lime juice or better yet some Lemoon Mraqad, some high quality virgin olive oil, and fresh mint leaves.
3- Cover the Tuna cubes with sesame seeds and fry in a little bit of olive oil for about 10 minutes.
4- Mix the cooked Tuna with the tomato mix and serve immediately on tostadas (oven baked corn tortillas).

Enjoy with a nice Tequila!