Arugula salad with mango chutney

Sharing our Friday lunch. A delight filled with colours and taste!


1- Just place gently in a deep plate: arugula, mango, papaya and avocado. All should be fresh and if possible organic.
2- Sprinkle with: fresh ginger root grated, fresh cilantro, lime juice, olive oil and a few blackberries.
3- Place a tablespoon of mango chutney (recipe here), and enjoy with fresh bread or oven-baked corn tostadas.

Tomato jam

Yes! Jam with tomatoes! A Mediterranean treat that is so tasty and so easy to make!

It is best served with bread and white cheese. It is most delicious with a smoked cheese, or one similar to Manchego. Personally, I like it simply with Panela. Try it any way you want and serve it as an aperitif or a snack. It will make everyone smile!


For 500 gr. of tomatoes (one jar of jam)
1- The first thing is to peal the tomatoes. For that, place the tomatoes, preferably medium size and organic, in boiling water for five minutes. Take them out and cut a small line in their skin with a sharp knife. Let them cool enough to be handled.
2- The rest of the process I love to do it by hand, feeling the texture of the tomatoes and wishing well to the ones of cultivated them and the ones who shall eat them. For each tomato:
– Peal it with your hand, cut out the green stem with a knife, then squeeze out gently the seeds and liquid.
– Then squeeze the tomato on top of the cooking pot letting the pulp come out from the sides of your hand.  (alternatively, just cut it in small cubes).
3- In the pot add: one and half teaspoon of freshly crushed black pepper, a generous pinch of salt, a tiny dash of cinnamon (I just scraped a cinnamon stick lightly three of four times) and 220 gr of sugar.
4- Bring the tomato mix to a boil and mix constantly for about 15 to 20 minutes. Most of the liquid should have evaporated. Keep on mixing so that it does not stick to the pan. Even if you see some pinkish foam, just keep on mixing it will eventually blend with the rest.
5- Finally, place in a sterilised jar. Place in the fridge once it has cooled. It can stay up to three months.

Yoghurt salade with cucumbers and raisins

This dish is widely served across the Middle East and South Asia. According to traditional wisdom, its cooling ingredients, especially the yoghurt, cucumber and mint combination, helps with digestion and to off-set any negative effects from eating a spiced dish. I serve it at home with almost everything!


For one cup of Greek styled yoghurt
1- Wash and peel a cucumber, preferably organic. Slice in the middle and take out the seeds scraping them with a small spoon. Then cut the cucumber in small cubes.


2- Mix in with the cup of Greek styled yoghurt: one glove of garlic smashed, salt and pepper to taste, a small handful of raisins (preferably golden), the cucumber cubes and  handful of fresh mint leaves. You can also use dried mint if you do not have any fresh one.

Serve in a bowl to accompany the main dish. 

Note: I often use plain natural yoghurt and it is as delicious!

Peach, avocado and rose topping for fish tostada

Filled with goodness and a dash of rose petals!


For two filets of fish:
1- In a large bowl mix: one large peach or two small peaches cut in cubes, one large avocado cut in cubes, one cucumber also cut in cubes, some fresh ginger root cut in very small pieces, a generous bunch of fresh cilantro chopped, some fresh black pepper crushed, a teaspoon of cumin, some olive oil and if you have it at hand, a teaspoon of dried roses.
2- Cook the fish as you wish –I used Tuna and simply seared it in a pan. Cut in cubes.

To serve, place tostadas on each plate and let everyone serve themselves the fish topping it with the peach mixture. Enjoy!