Mughal style ground beef

A recipe straight from the kitchen of the Mughal Court. The raisins add a wonderful touch!


For 500gr of lean high quality ground beef:
1- In a pan, place just a little bit of olive oil and add: about 3 cm of fresh ginger root crushed, some crushed garlic, a teaspoon of Madras curry, a teaspoon of cumin, a small piece of a cinnamon stick, and salt and pepper to taste.
2- Once the spices give out their aroma, add half a kilo of very small tomatoes (slit them with a knife without cutting them so they may release their juices while cooking), a bunch of fresh cilantro chopped, a handful of raisins and the ground beef. Mix well.


3- Cover and let it simmer for 15 minutes or until the meat is done. Mix from time to time.

Remember to take out the piece of cinnamon just before serving. I served it with white Basmati rice cooked with raisins and Raita (yoghurt mixed with cumin and cucumber).


Moroccan Kefta with tiny tomatoes

Using tiny organic tomatoes and the usual spices to make Moroccan Kefta.


For 500 gr of high quality ground beef 
1- Wash and cut in half 500 gr of very small organic tomatoes.
2- Place in a pan with some olive oil and add a teaspoon of crushed black pepper, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of cumin, two or three garlic cloves crushed, and some fresh ginger root also crushed.
3- Mix, cook on low fire and cover.
4- In the meantime, make the very little balls of meat between the palm of your hands. The smaller the better (about one to one and half cm in diameter).
5- When the tomatoes have released some of their liquid, add the Kefta and a generous bunch of fresh cilantro chopped. Mix and cover again.
6- Cook for about 15 minutes.

Serve with white rice and a salade. 

Note: Here a variation on the same Kefta recipe. This one has more sauce.

Ground beef Persian style

A lovely recipe using the Persian spice mix Adviyeh (recipe). I served it with white Basmati rice with raisins, and some green vegetables on the side.


For 500 gr of lean ground beef:
1- In a pan, place some olive oil, three cloves of garlic crushed, half a red onion cut in small cubes, some fresh ginger root grated and two teaspoons of Adviyeh. Mix and cook until the onions become transparent and the spice mix gives out its flavour.
2- Add the pulp of four tomatoes, a handful of fresh cilantro chopped and the ground beef.
3- Cook for about 20 minutes stirring from time to time.

Note: do not add salt to the ground beef while it is cooking as it would release water. Add salt individually once served.

Serve with white rice and  a side dish of choice. It is also delicious with some plain yoghurt mixed with fresh cilantro and cumin. 

Samosa recipe from 15th c. Mughal India

Recipes for samosas from the only surviving copy of the Niʻmatnāmah-i Nāṣirshāhī (Nasir Shah’s Book of Delights) written for Sultan Ghiyas al-Din Khilji (r.1469-1500 – Mughal Sultan of Malwas) and completed by his son Nasir al-Din Shah (r.1500-1510).


– At the British Museum

A recipe for samosas

“Mix together well-cooked mince [minced meat] with the same amount of minced onion and chopped dried ginger, a quarter of those, and half a tūlcha [a measure] of ground garlic and having ground three tūlchas of saffron in rosewater, mix it with the mince [minced meat] together with aubergine pulp.

Stuff the samosas and fry [them] in ghee. Whether made from thin course flour bread or from fine flour bread or from uncooked dough, any of the three can be used for cooking samosas, they are delicious.”

(Translation by Norah Titley, dated 1983 after her retirement from the British Library)

In many ways this follows the traditional Samosa recipe with the ingredients being minced meat, onion, ginger, garlic, saffron in rosewater (turmeric could also be used) and aubergine pulp instead of potato as it is used today. Thank you!

Chinese stir fried beef with sauté spinach

Full of flavours! And can be made in about 10 minutes (after the marinade). I served it with white rice.


For 250 gr of lean sirloin beef cut in strips (Fajita kind) -two servings: 
1- Marinate the beef for about 20 minutes in a mix of one tablespoon of honey, half a tablespoon of Soya sauce, a teaspoon of cumin and about three cm of fresh ginger root grated. You can add hot peppers if you want (Habanero or Jalapeño).
2- To cook the beef, place some sesame oil in a pan on high fire, add the beef with some garlic and sauté for about 5 minutes stirring constantly. Place in a serving dish.
3- In the same pan, add fresh organic spinach and some sesame seeds (you can add more sesame seed oil if you want) and stir again until the leaves of the spinach wilt. It takes about three minutes. Place in a serving dish.