Génoise, fraises et chocolat

Just something for a Wednesday or when you find gorgeous strawberries in the market.


For the Génoise:
See recipe here: Génoise.

For the strawberry filling:
1- Wash 500 gr of organic strawberries. Cut in half or more if the strawberries are big.
2- In a pan, mix the strawberries with two tablespoons of brown sugar. Mix well.
3- Bring to a boil and let it cook for 10 minutes mixing often so that it does not flow over.
4- Place in a bowl and let it cool.

For the chocolate topping: 
1- Melt 100 gr of high quality chocolate in bain-marie.
2- When it has melted, take it out of the water and mix vigorously one tablespoon of high quality olive oil (or if at hand, raspberry seed oil which is harder to find).
3- Let it cool.

1- When the Génoise has cooled, slice in half.
2- Place the strawberry mixture on the bottom half. Cover.
3- Let the chocolate sauce pour on the cake.

Place in the fridge for about 15 minutes and enjoy! 

Chocolate & banana ice-cream

Easy and delicious!


For two generous servings:
1- In a mixer place: a cup of frozen and sliced bananas, one generous tablespoon of high quality 100% cacao and a half a cup of cold milk.
2- Get the machine going and it is done!

Enjoy immediately!

Note: You can add some sugar if you want. I did not and it was just fine.

Moelleux au chocolat et aux fruits rouges

A delicious chocolate moelleux (soft) with berries. I used raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.


1- Prepare a baking dish lining it with butter and flour, and place as many berries as you like.
2- In bain-marie, melt 150 gr of high quality chocolate (at least 70% cacao content) with 80 gr of butter.
3- In the meantime, in a large bowl whisk four eggs with a third of a cup of brown sugar. Once the mixture is slightly lighter in colour add two tablespoons of flour and whisk again until all the flour has been integrated.
4- Mix the chocolate with the egg mixture.


5- Pour it all on the berries and bake for 15 minutes in a 180º c oven.

Let it cool before serving. It stays well in the fridge and can be eaten the next day. The consistency will then be a little harder.

Fondant au chocolat & à la framboise

Delicious by any other name!

I came up with this recipe from inspirations here and there.


Recipe for eight ramequins 

For the raspberries
1- Mix 250 gr of raspberries with two tablespoons of brown sugar.
2- Cook over medium then lower heat for 10 minutes. Mix constantly crushing the raspberries as you go along. Use a wooden spatula, it is easier.
3- Place in a bowl and let it cool for at least an hour. It should reach room temperature or slightly warmer.


Preparing the ramequins
1- Melt a little bit of butter and line each ramequins.
2- Then sprinkle with 100% pure cocoa powder. Remove any excess.

For the chocolate
1- In bain-marie, melt 100 gr of high quality chocolate with 60 gr of butter. Mix well and let it cool slightly.
2- In the meantime, mix in a large bowl 30 gr of flour, 10 gr of cornflour (or cornstarch as it is called in the US) and 30 gr of brown sugar.
3- Add the chocolate and butter mixture and mix thoroughly.
4- Add three organic eggs one at a time. Make sure each egg is completely blended in the mixture before you add the next one.

Preparing the fondant
1- Place at least two generous tablespoons of the chocolate mixture in each ramequins, or a little more, and top with a tablespoon of the raspberry mix.
2- Bake for 15 minutes in a 180ºc oven.

Serve immediately with a wonderful cup of espresso!

Note: the fondant can be kept in the fridge for the next day. It is also delicious eaten cold!

Mini Sachertorte

A small Sachertorte with homemade apricot jam. It is the first time I make it and I did not realise it was so easy.

I have adjusted the ingredients’  quantity for a 20 cm diameter baking pan, just double amount if you want a larger one.


For the cake
1- Melt 100 gr of high quality chocolate with 60 gr of butter in bain-marie.
2- In the meantime, beat four egg whites stiff.
3- In another bowl, mix four egg yolks with 60 gr of brown sugar. Mix until the colour gets lighter and there are bubbles. Mix in gently 75 gr of sifted flour. Do it by hand a little bit of flour at a time.
4- Pre-heat the oven to 160º C. and prepare the baking pan (lines with butter and flour).
5- Mix the chocolate and butter mixture in the flour one. When it has an even consistency, add the egg white gently.
6- Place the mixture in the baking pan and bake for 30 minutes.
7- Let it cool thoroughly, about 30 minutes. Slice in the middle so as to have two layers.
8- Spread a generous amount of apricot jam (recipe here with brown sugar or here with regular sugar using tiny apricots) on the bottom half of the cake, and close it gently.


For the ganache 
[There are many recipes and this is the easiest and lighter one.]
1- Just melt 100 gr of high quality chocolate in bain-marie.
2- Take it out of the water and rapidly mix a tablespoon of olive oil.

The finishing touch 
1- Spread the ganache evenly on the cake.
2- Let it cool thoroughly before serving. I like to place it in the fridge for at least an hour after the ganache has cooled down.

Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee!