Cucumber and avocado cold soup

Wonderful as an appetiser when the temperatures are up!

One tip before you start making the soup, make sure the cucumbers are cold. I know cucumbers are not supposed to go in the fridge, but make an exception this time, and leave them in the fridge for an hour.


For four servings: 
In a blender just mix: two small cucumbers, two avocados at the point of becoming ripe (if you use ripe and very soft avocados, the soup will not taste as fresh), the juice of one lime juice, two cloves of garlic, a bunch of fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of crushed black pepper and one cup of natural yoghurt.

To serve, place some coarse salt and Tabasco sauce on the side for guests to add to their servings. It goes well with fresh bread. 

Peanuts with turmeric

A wonderful Persian snack found in all dry goods markets in Iran. It is really delicious and very healthy. Sometimes I mix in some raisins just before serving it, as I like the sweet and salty taste combination.


1- Either roast the peanuts -spread them on an oven tray and roast them at high temperature for a few minutes-; or buy them.
2- For 250 gr of roasted peanuts add three teaspoons of coarse sea salt (unless the ones you bought are already salty) and two teaspoons of turmeric. Mix well. Given that peanuts are oily, they will start absorbing the turmeric. Keep mixing until all the peanuts have a yellow colour.

Keep them in a glass container and eat with pleasure! 


Za’atar is a simple Middle Eastern spice mix that gives a great taste to almost any dish. I like to have it in the morning sprinkled on olive oil with toast and white cheese.

You can find it in any Middle Eastern food store, but in case you want to make it yourself here is a nice recipe.


1- Roast a tablespoon of sesame seeds and let it cool thoroughly. Grind slightly in a mortar.
2- Add a quarter cup of Sumac, two tablespoons of dry thyme, two tablespoons of dried marjoram, two tablespoons of dried oregano and about a teaspoon of salt (preferably coarse).
3- Mix well and keep in a tight container.

It lasts for six months in a tightly sealed glass jar, away from the light. 

Note: Just multiply the quantity of each ingredient if you want to prepare a larger portion