IMG_6138 - Version 2Simple and healthy cuisine from the world, out of a little kitchen in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

My name is Kenza and I have traveled a little around the world, lived in many countries and have a rather eclectic cultural background that spans from the Boulangeries of Paris (where I grew up) to the Delis of New York City, passing through the colorful and aromatic markets of Mexico City, Delhi, Fez, San’a, Isfahan and Addis Ababa, and going all the way to a kitchen in Rabat to one in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. Hereby, “fig” from Afghanistan and “lemon” from the Mediterranean.

From my travels and my life, I have gathered many aromas and colours. I love cooking and I share it all in the hope that maybe one day someone will make a dish following a suggestion I may have made, and share that dish around a beautiful table with family and friends and smiles.

All the recipes are generally easy to make and healthy with ingredients easily available in most markets around the world. The secret to good cooking is the freshness of the ingredients . Oh! and don’t forget to smile when you are cooking. It tastes better!

I look forward to your comments and whatever you wish to share as recipes and tips. The wonderful thing about cooking is that it is universal, just like music, it brings harmony among people. Thank you for coming.


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  1. It’s so cool to have a vast cultural background as part of your life. All the different cultures can come together beautifully and I love that when it reflects on the food especially đŸ™‚

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