Mousse au chocolat glacée

This is the most chocolaty chocolate dessert you may ever prepare! It is dense and melts delightfully in your mouth. And it is very easy to prepare too!


For six servings
1- Beat until very stiff three egg whites. Set aside.
2- While you do that, let 200gr of high quality chocolate melt in bain-marie.
3- Once the chocolate has melted, mix it with an electric beater with two egg yolks. Make sure you get a smooth and even consistency.
4- Then fold the egg whites with the chocolate mixture. Fold gently. It may take a bit of time for getting a smooth mixture but keep on folding gently.
5- Finally pour in individual serving bowls and place in the freezer for at least four hours before serving.

To serve: you can either serve it as is with a few fresh raspberries on the side; or place the serving bowls in hot water for a few seconds, turn them upside down on a plate and pour some raspberry couli on top of the frozen mousse. Either way it is delicious. Enjoy!


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