Fig and lavender jam

An enchanting jam made with fresh figs and a touch of lavender. The taste is absolutely divine and the lavender gives it a subtle aroma that seems to transport us into a lush garden on an early summer morning.


I used fresh organic figs and the lavender was from the terrace where it is plentiful these days. I like to grow lavender because of its lovely fragrance, and also because it helps to repopulate the bees.

I have placed pots of lavender at the entrance of the house and next to the window in the bedrooms. They are wonderful to keep mosquitos away.


For one kilogram of fresh figs 
1- Wash the figs, cut the stem and cut the fruits in two if small, and four if large.
2- Put half of the figs in a cooking pot. Place on top of them six lavender flowers. They should have some stem but no leaves. Just the flower.
3- Put the rest of the figs on top. Do not mix. Then pour 800 gr of sugar on top of it all. Again no mixing. Finally, close the lid and let it rest for one hour.
4- Place the pot on medium fire and let it come to a boil. Mix so that the sugar gets diluted without sticking to the bottom of the pot.
5- Now reduce the fire and cook for 20 minutes. Stir constantly.
6- Place in prepared jam jars (sterilised with boiling water) and wait until they are cool enough to place in the fridge.


Let the jam rest in the fridge for a day then enjoy! It is a delight when served with white cheese, such as panela, and fresh bread. 


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