Gâteau de pommes de terre

Between a tart and a quiche, this is a delight as a light lunch or dinner, with a salad. To get it just right, half cook the potatoes ahead of time. The taste of roasted garlic added a wonderful touch!


1- Wash about 800 gr of medium potatoes. Place in cold water in a large pot. Bring the water to a boil, and let the potatoes cook until they half done, that is until a fork can go half through with some difficulties.
2- Set them on the side until they are cool enough to handle. Then peel and cut in very thin slices.
3- In the meantime, roast or fry three large cloves of garlic cut in thin slices. Set aside.
4- Grate 120 gr of Gruyère. Leave some on the side for the topping.
5- In a large bowl, mix 120 gr of flour, 150 ml of cold whole milk, three organic eggs, some freshly crushed black pepper and salt to taste. Mix until it has an even consistency.
6- One by one, mix in the garlic, then the grated Gruyère in batches, then the potatoes. Mix very gently so the slices of potatoes stay whole.
7- Pour the mixture in a prepared baking dish (buttered and floured). Top with the remaining Gruyère and a few dots of butter.
8- Cook for 45 minutes in a 190º oven.

Serve immediately with a salad or baked vegetables on the side.


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