Quiche with roasted bell peppers, bacon, Gruyère and fresh mint

A Quiche made without dough, and filled with tasty and colourful ingredients.


1- Start by preparing the roasted bell peppers (recipe) or use high quality jarred ones, preferably the Italian kind.
2- Then prepare the bacon. Use as much as you want. Cook it in a heavy pan until crispy. Place it between paper towels to remove the excess fat, then crush with your fingers.
3- In a large bowl mix: three organic eggs, 100 gr of sifted flour, 50 cl of cold milk (half a litre) and freshly crushed pepper. Do not add salt since the bacon is already salty.
4- Place the egg mixture in a prepared baking pan (buttered and floured) and sprinkle with the bell peppers, the bacon, the fresh mint and at the end, half a cup of high quality shredded Gruyère.
5- Bake for 40 minutes in a 180ºC. oven.


Enjoy immediately! It can be reheated in the oven and should be stored in the fridge once it has cooled.


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