A light cake used in many recipes for French pastries with fruits or chocolate, or both; the most famous being the “Fraisier.”


1- Melt 30 gr of high quality butter and let it cool.
2- In a large bowl mix four whole eggs with 125 gr of sugar (110 gr if using brown sugar). Mix on high speed for at least 10 minutes. You will be making a Sabayon (also used in many recipes). The consistency should be thick with a few large bubbles.
3- With a spatula, gently mix in 125 gr of flour and the melted butter. Mix the ingredients a little bit at a time and do so very gently so as not to deflate the Sabayon.
4- Pour the mixture in a prepared baking pan (buttered and floured) and bake for 30 minutes in a 170º c oven. A knife should come out clean after sticking it in the cake. Let it cool before taking it out of the pan.


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