Banana and red berries ice-cream

Delicious ice-cream without an ice-cream machine! It is easy and so delicious!


For four servings:

1- Cut four large bananas (or eight small sweet bananas – these are the ones I used known as “dominicana” in Mexico). Place them in a glass container and freeze them overnight.
2- Wash gently 500 gr of berries (I used blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) and freeze them as well in a glass container overnight.
3- When you are ready to make and eat the ice-cream: place the frozen fruits in a mixer and add a cup of cold milk. Get the mixer to work stopping from time to time to mix the fruits. Add milk as you wish, depending in the consistency you want.

Serve immediately! (it does not stay in the fridge.)

Note: you can use any fruits you want (mangos, apples, etc.). Remember to freeze them and always use bananas as it is the base to getting the consistency of the ice-cream.


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