Poulet grillé au romarin et citron vert

Wonderful chicken in the oven recipe with rosemary and lime. It comes out so tender and tasty, I almost felt I was in Paris!


Recipe for one free range chicken – 1.7 kg

Preparing the chicken 
1- Place the chicken in a large oven pan.
2- Rub over its skin, under it, inside, everywhere you can: 40 gr of butter, one lime cut in quarters, half a red onion cut in cubes, and three generous springs of rosemary. Make a few indentation in the chicken with a knife and try and put some of that mixture inside.
3- Using a mortar and pestle crush a tablespoon of black pepper and a tablespoon of coarse salt. Rub the chicken with it.
4- Slice another lime and cut each slice in three. Along with the rosemary mixture, rub the chicken some more, and place some of that mixture inside the chicken. (you can use a yellow lemon if you do not have limes at hand)


Cooking the chicken 
1- Place the chicken in a pre-heated 180º c oven for 10 minutes.
2- Add a glass of water to the pan and lower the temperature to 140º c.
3- Cook for two and half hours. Midway, empty the chicken by tilting it, and use the liquid to moister it entirely.

I served it with plain rice and an arugula salad, and of course, some Dijon mustard on the side! 


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