Fondant au chocolat & à la framboise

Delicious by any other name!

I came up with this recipe from inspirations here and there.


Recipe for eight ramequins 

For the raspberries
1- Mix 250 gr of raspberries with two tablespoons of brown sugar.
2- Cook over medium then lower heat for 10 minutes. Mix constantly crushing the raspberries as you go along. Use a wooden spatula, it is easier.
3- Place in a bowl and let it cool for at least an hour. It should reach room temperature or slightly warmer.


Preparing the ramequins
1- Melt a little bit of butter and line each ramequins.
2- Then sprinkle with 100% pure cocoa powder. Remove any excess.

For the chocolate
1- In bain-marie, melt 100 gr of high quality chocolate with 60 gr of butter. Mix well and let it cool slightly.
2- In the meantime, mix in a large bowl 30 gr of flour, 10 gr of cornflour (or cornstarch as it is called in the US) and 30 gr of brown sugar.
3- Add the chocolate and butter mixture and mix thoroughly.
4- Add three organic eggs one at a time. Make sure each egg is completely blended in the mixture before you add the next one.

Preparing the fondant
1- Place at least two generous tablespoons of the chocolate mixture in each ramequins, or a little more, and top with a tablespoon of the raspberry mix.
2- Bake for 15 minutes in a 180ºc oven.

Serve immediately with a wonderful cup of espresso!

Note: the fondant can be kept in the fridge for the next day. It is also delicious eaten cold!


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