Dates with eggs, Persian style

A slightly different recipe than the Moroccan version of dates with eggs (recipe here), with a slight Persian touch. Excellent for breakfast or a light meal.


For three large organic eggs (or four small ones):
1- In a pan, place a little bit of butter and half a cup of good quality dates cut in small pieces. Make sure the fire is on low and let the dates get soft.
2- In a bowl, mix with a fork three eggs (try not to make bubbles) and add a teaspoon of the Persian spice mix adviyeh (recipe here) and a dash of cold mix. Mix again with the fork.


3- Pour the egg mixture on top of the dates and let it cook on low fire until desired consistency. Do not mix.

Serve immediately with the bottom part placed on top of the plate (so that the golden side is visible). Place some sea salt on the side, along with fresh bread. For a light lunch or dinner, you can serve it with a cucumber and tomato salad. 


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