Yoghurt salade with cucumbers and raisins

This dish is widely served across the Middle East and South Asia. According to traditional wisdom, its cooling ingredients, especially the yoghurt, cucumber and mint combination, helps with digestion and to off-set any negative effects from eating a spiced dish. I serve it at home with almost everything!


For one cup of Greek styled yoghurt
1- Wash and peel a cucumber, preferably organic. Slice in the middle and take out the seeds scraping them with a small spoon. Then cut the cucumber in small cubes.


2- Mix in with the cup of Greek styled yoghurt: one glove of garlic smashed, salt and pepper to taste, a small handful of raisins (preferably golden), the cucumber cubes and  handful of fresh mint leaves. You can also use dried mint if you do not have any fresh one.

Serve in a bowl to accompany the main dish. 

Note: I often use plain natural yoghurt and it is as delicious!


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