Carrot jam – Persian delight

This is absolutely delicious. When you take a bite, close your eyes and you will feel you are entering a fragrant garden.

I tasted it recently when I traveled to Iran, but it did not taste so good as the jam was generally of the commercial kind. Preparing it at home, as with any food actually, makes all the difference.

Here a recipe I put together from reading various sources. It is a small portion (only 250 gr of carrots) so that you may first try it, and see how it tastes. I used brown sugar, hence the dark color of the jam.


1- In a deep pan, bring to a boil: 200 ml of water, 100 gr of brown sugar, the seeds of five cardamon pods and the juice of half an orange. Let it boil then simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring regularly.
2- Grate 250 gr of organic carrots. I like do to it by hand and never use any machines. It is in many ways my form of meditation.


3- Add the carrots to the pot and stir well. Let it come to a boil then reduce the fire just a little bit and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Stir from time to time. The mix should become sirupy and the carrots very soft.
4- Finally, add the juice of half a lime and a tablespoon of rose water. I used some I bought in Kashan, Iran, made of the wonderful “Gul Mohammedi” rose. Let it simmer for about five minutes.


5- Place in sterilised jar and refrigerate once it has cooled down.

Serve with fresh bread, either with butter or a light white cheese. It is delicious for breakfast or a snack. Enjoy! 


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