Gâteau aux mûres, pommes et citron vert

A lovely cake made with blackberries, apples and lime, inspired by one of the recipes from this book. I changed a few things from the original recipe replacing white sugar with brown sugar, and using lime instead of lemon. It was delicious with a welcome tang and a consistency somewhere between a cake and a clafouti.


1- Melt 40 gr of high quality butter and let it cool.
2- In a large bowl whisk two eggs with 50 gr of brown sugar.
3- Using a spatula, add the melted butter, then 120 gr of sifted flour, then 50 cl of milk and finally the juice of one small organic lime. Mix well with the spatula.
4- Cut three or four large apples in very thin slices and add to the mix.


5- In a prepared baking dish (lined with butter and flour), place half of the apple mix. You may have to use your fingers to make sure the mix is nice and flat. Top with a generous amount of blackberries and finish with the rest of the apple mix.
6- Place in a 180º C. oven and bake for 50 minutes.

Let it cool thoroughly and serve with a nice cup of tea or coffee. It is also delicious the next day after some time in the fridge.  


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