Orange dal Afghan style

Delicious orange dal (lentils) with wonderful spices and a touch of honey.


For one generous cup of dal:
1- Wash the dal several times until the water is clear.
2- In a large pot, place some olive oil then add three cloves of garlic smashed in a mortar, about five centimetres of fresh ginger root also smashed in a mortar, one teaspoon of cloves, half a cinnamon stick, one teaspoon of turmeric, one and half teaspoon of cumin, the seeds of seven cardamon pods, and finally some salt to taste. Mix well.
3- When the spices start to give their aroma, add the lentils and mix well.
4- Then add four to five medium tomatoes cut in large chunks. If you prefer, you can just add the pulp without the skin.
5- Add one generous tablespoon of honey and mix.
6- Add just enough water to cover the lentils and let it cook on a gentle fire for 30 to 40  minutes. Check from time to time and add water if you see it is drying up.

Serving suggestions: I served it with raita (plain yoghurt with salt, cumin, cucumber and fresh mint) and white Basmati rice cooked with raisins. Place some hot chili peppers on the side if you like them. 


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