Bagel pizza!

Just perfect when you have little time and plenty of fresh ingredients at hand. I used mini-bagels from the bakery. We had them for lunch, and you can also make them as appetisers.


For the tomato sauce: 
1- In a pan, place some olive oil, crushed garlic, fresh organic tomatoes cut in slices, freshly ground pepper, a little bit of salt, half a tablespoon of brown sugar (for six medium tomatoes), oregano and other fresh herbs of choice.
2- Let it cook for about 20 minutes on medium fire.
3- At this point, you can add any ingredients you want: olives, anchovies, etc.

Making the little pizzas: 
1- Warm the bagels in the oven and cut in half.
2- Place a generous amount of tomato sauce on each half, sprinkle with high quality Parmigiano-Reggiano shredded.
3- Place under the broiler for about eight minutes or until nice and golden.

Serve immediately accompanied by a fresh green salad. Enjoy! 


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