Pasta sauce with Parmigiano rind

Did you know you can make amazing dishes with Parmigiano rind? Here is one example, a simple tomato sauce for pasta. The rind will give an exquisite slightly tangy taste to the sauce.

There are many ways to use the rind: in a broth for soup or to cook the pasta; grilled on top of little pizzas or bread with olive oil, herbs and garlic; and many more. To keep the rinds just place them in a closed container in the fridge. They have a very long shelf life!


For the tomato sauce
1- Just place in a pan some olive oil, baby organic tomatoes, fresh herbs (I used oregano and rosemary), freshly crushed pepper (no salt since the rind will provide some and you can add some later if you so wish), fresh crushed garlic and a piece of Parmigiano rind.
2- Let it cook until the tomatoes wilt.
3- Take out the rind before you mix the sauce with the pasta.

Serve the pasta topped with freshly grated Parmigiano. 


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