Tuna with mandarine and honey

A divine mix of flavours!


For one fresh tuna steak:
1- In a small bowl mix: the juice of three mandarines, three tablespoons of honey (or more!), a little bit of olive oil, some sesame seeds and salt & pepper. Mix well.
2- Place the liquid in a deep pan and let it boil moving it from time to time with a wooden spatula.
3- When the liquid has been reduced and slightly caramelised (it will feel heavier), add the tuna steak. Just place it in the pan without moving it. Do not cover.
4- After about five to seven minutes, take the tuna out of the pan and slice it. Return the pieces to the pan and let them cook again, moving them gently, for about three minutes.


Serve immediately. The tuna will be very tender so try and serve it carefully. I served it with basmati rice cooked with a dash of turmeric and raisins, and organic broccoli. 


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