Quiche sans pâte

Quiche without dough! This one with roasted bell peppers. It is really good and wonderful as a light dinner with a green salad.


The Quiche:
1- In a large bowl mix: three organic eggs, 100 gr of sifted flour, 50 cl of cold milk (half a litre), salt and pepper.
2- You can either have it plain or you can add whatever ingredient you like: sun-dried tomatoes, ham, zucchini, fresh herbs, etc. I used roasted bell peppers. (See recipe below.)
3- Place the mix in an oven dish and cover with grated Parmiggiano (what I used) or Gruyère.
4- Bake for 40 minutes in a 180ºC. oven.

Roasted bell peppers:
1- Place the bell pepper directly over the flames of one stove gar outlet.
2- Let each side burn, and turn as need be. There will be a slight smell and some hiss but no smoke.
3- Wrap the bell pepper with plastic or aluminium foil so that it may sweat.
4- Wash under tab water to remove the outer skin. It should come off easily.
5- Cut in thin stripes. It’s ready!


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