Moelleux au chocolat et à la framboise

Fantastic moelleux with raspberries!


1- Melt in bain-marie 200 gr of high quality chocolate (70% cacao or more) with 20 gr of butter.
2- In a bowl, bring up four egg whites until stiff.
3- In another bowl, mix four egg yolks with 50 gr of flour.
4- Prepare a medium sized baking dish lined with butter and flour, or individual ramekins.
5- When the chocolate and butter are all melted, mix them well with a spatula and pour the mixture on the egg yolk one. Mix with the spatula. Then add the egg whites. Mix well until you get a consistent texture.
6- Pour half the mix in the baking pan or ramekins, add raspberries (as much as you want) and cover with the other half.
7- Bake for 15 minutes for the baking dish and 10 minutes for the ramekins in a 180º C. oven. It’s ready!

Serve slightly cooled or cold. It remains exquisite the next day after being in the fridge.


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