Simple stir-fried rice with zucchini


For one cup of cooked rice (I used basmati):
1- In a pan, place some sesame oil and add half a red onion sliced, three cloves of garlic crushed and about three cm of fresh ginger root cut in think slices.
2- When the onions start to wilt, add a large zucchini cut in slices, with each slice then cut lengthwise in sticks. Let it fry gently until some zucchini pieces acquire a golden colour. About 15 minutes.
3- Add one cup of cooked rice, some raisins (I also added some cranberries for their colour), a few leaves of fresh basil and a tablespoon of Soya sauce. Mix well and cook until the rice is warm.
4- Add two eggs directly onto the rice mixture and quickly mix as the eggs cook. Once you see strips of cooked egg, it is ready.

Serve it with a hot sauce on the side or diced hot chili peppers.


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