Omelet from India with bell peppers

The way I think the Mughals may have prepared an omelet. Colourful and filled with spices.


For two servings (four eggs)
1- In a pan put a little bit of oil and add two teaspoons of cumin, one teaspoon of turmeric, half a teaspoon of Garam Masala and about three centimeters of fresh ginger root grated.
2- Once the spices start giving out their aroma, add one quarter of a large red onion diced and one tomato diced. Mix from time to time, and cook until the bell pepper pieces are soft.
3- In a large bowl, whisk gently four eggs and add the bell pepper mixture.


4- Return to the pan without adding any oil. Lower the fire and let it cook gently. Move the sides of the omelet from time to time so that the liquid spreads and cooks.
Serve sprinkled with fresh basil leaves. I served accompanied with prepared Indian rice (onions, spices and dried fruits – see recipe here).


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