Fabuleuses crêpes!

A wonderful recipe!


For about 20 crêpes: 
1- In a large bowl mix: 220 gr of sifted flour (about two cups), half a teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of brown sugar (omit it if you plan to use the crêpes for a salty dish), three organic eggs plus the yellow of one egg, a mix of 30 cl of water and 30 cl of milk (a cup of each) and 60 gr of melted and cooled butter.
2- Whisk well (do not use an electric beater) and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour.
3- Cook on a crêpe pan – you can wipe the pan with a napkin with a little bit of oil.

I served them with apricot jam made with brown sugar (recipe here) and fresh peaches. 


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