I cannot believe I actually made Naan and it was delicious. I kept some for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Naan simply means bread in Urdu, Farsi, Hindi and most language of Central and South Asia. It is generally made in a Tandoor – a clay oven where the dough is stuck on one side of the oven until it slides down alone, then stick on the other side.

I was inspired by this recipe (link) and made a few adjustments. It is really easy.


1- Mix 5 gr of dry yeast with 10 cl of tepid water. Let it stand for 10 minutes while you make the rest of the preparations.
2- In a large bowl place: 125 gr of white flour and 125 gr of whole wheat flour (both sifted) with one teaspoon of salt. Mix well with your hands.
3- In the bowl, put the yeast mixture along with 120 gr of plain yoghurt (a standard pot of yoghurt). Mix with your hands very well. If you see it remains wet (and a bit sticky due to the yoghurt) just add a little bit of flour at a time until you get to the right consistency. Keep working the dough for at least 15 minutes with your hands. It is ready when it stops sticking.
4- Work the dough into a large ball, leave it in the bowl and place a cover to seal it (I just used a pan cover) and cover again with a clothe so that it is shaded. Place in a warm place in the kitchen.
5- Let the dough rise for at least two hours. I let it rise for four hours and it doubled in volume.
6- When you are ready to make the Naan, heat up an iron-clad pan (or a nonstick pan of really high quality). Take the dough and divide it in 10 parts. Make a nice ball with each of them and spread with a roller on a floured surface.
7- Bake the Naan one at a time placing one side on the pan and covering it (using the same pan cover) so that the humidity remains. Turn on the other side once it is filled with air.

– Serve immediately. We had them for lunch with Dahl (recipe here), Basmati rice cooked with raisins and Raita (Yoghurt with salt, cumin, fresh cilantro and cucumber).

– They can be kept overnight in the fridge wrapped in a clothe and then in a container so that they do not dry. 
-They can also be served topped with butter or a mixture of butter with garlic and herbs. You can also add some scallions to the dough right before cooking the Naan.


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