Moelleux au chocolat “express”

Incredibly good! No sugar and only 10 minutes in the oven.


1- Melt in bain-marie 200 gr of high quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa content or more) with 20 gr of butter.
2- Mix four egg whites stiff.
3- When the chocolate and butter mixture is ready, let it cool a little then add the four egg yolks with 50 gr of flour. (I like to mix the egg yolks with the flour in advance, but it is not necessary.)
4- Mix everything and pour either in a large baking dish or individual ramekins (prepare them with melted butter and a little bit of flour).
5- Bake for 10 minutes in a 180º oven.

Serve alone at room temperature or with some red berries. It is also delicious the next day cold. (Keep it in the fridge)


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