Madras curry Flounder with bell peppers and tomatoes

A tasty dish, served with Basmati rice from India (I received a large bag as a gift straight from India!) and Raita (yoghurt with cumin). What made it all the more tasty was the natural sweetness it acquired from the bell pepper juices.


For two medium size filets of Flounder (no bones, no skin):
1- In a baking dish place some olive oil, add some fresh ginger root grated, some fresh garlic grated or smashed, two generous teaspoons of Madras curry, one large tomato cut roughly in cubes, and one large bell pepper (here I used a yellow one) cut in strips. Mix well.
2- Add the fish filets and cover with the sauce and the tomatoes and bell peppers.
3- Cover the dish with aluminium foil making a few holes with a knife (so that the steam is released), and bake for 30 minutes in a medium heat oven (about 175 º C.).
Serve immediately as suggested in the introduction.


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