Red Snapper meunière

This recipe is generally done with Sole. I did it with boneless filets of Red Snapper (“Huachinango” in Mexico) and it came out really good. Sorry, I did not take any photos of the dish, but I hope these organic lemons make you want to try it!


For two filets of Red Snapper:
1- Wash the filets under cold water and pat them dry.
2- Place some flour, salt and pepper in a plate and coat the filets with the mix.
3- With some olive oil in the pan and once it is warm enough, place the filets delicately and let them fry on one side.
4- Turn the filets over and place a few pieces of high quality non salty butter on top of them and little bit on the side. It will sizzle.
5- Take out the fish and place the filets on serving plates.
6- In the remaining oil and butter mix, add the juice of one lemon and some fresh herbs (use parsley, it works best). Mix and pour that liquid on top of the filets.
7- Add some lemon juice if you want and enjoy!

I like to serve them with a side dish of fresh avocados and boiled small potatoes.


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