Croquettes de poisson

A simple way to make fish sticks or nuggets.


For a large filet of white fish (here, Grouper or Mero in Spanish):
1- Cut the fish in small finger size pieces. The best way is to use a filet that is slightly frozen, that way the pieces are cut easily and evenly.
2- In a bowl, mix two organic eggs. Dip the fish pieces in the egg mixture and then dip in a breading mix you like. Here I used crushed Corn Flakes.
3- Fry in olive oil, turning the pieces of fish only once. If you mix it too much, it will absorb more oil as it fries.
4- Pat dry and serve.

I served the croquette sprinkled with lime juice, and Basmati rice with raisins and avocado topped with fresh mint on the the side. I like to eat with Dijon Mustard. 


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