Velouté de pommes de terre douces

Also known as “Crema de Camote” in Mexico, this is a lovely recipe prepared almost everywhere in the world. You can add any spice you want such as curry, at the start of the cooking process. I like to put a dash of turmeric, and I just add some freshly crushed pepper and high quality olive oil on top at the moment of serving.


For four servings

1- In a large pot, place some olive oil, garlic to taste and a little bit of turmeric. [You can replace the garlic with onions if you want.]
2- When the garlic starts giving its aroma [or the onion starts to get soft and slightly golden], add three sweet potatoes and three carrots, all washed, peeled and cut in small chunks. Mix well and continue cooking for about ten minutes.
3- Cover with water and let it simmer until the potatoes and carrots are soft.
4- Run through a mixer and add some cream (crème fraîche) just before serving until wanted consistency. You can make do without the cream, but the consistency will be different.

Serve very warm with toasted bread with semi-salted butter.


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