Moroccan fish with raisins

A little recipe of mine based on a traditional recipe for “yellow” fish my grand mother use to make.


For two filets of white fish (I used red snapper, you can use a whole fish as well):
1 – In a large oven dish, place some olive oil, three garlic cloves crushed, an inch of fresh ginger root grated, two teaspoons of ground cumin, two teaspoons of turmeric, the seeds of three cardamom pods, a small cinnamon stick, salt and pepper to taste, and fresh mint leaves. Mix well.
2- Coat the filets with the mixture. If you are cooking a whole fish, make sure to coat the inside of the fish as well.
3- Slice half of a large red onion. Place the slices under the fish and a few on top of it. Make sure all is well coated with the spice mixture. You can add a little bit of olive oil at this point.
4- Sprinkle a generous handful of raisins on top.
5- Cover with aluminum foil and bake for about 30 minutes in a medium oven (about 180 degrees C.), and a little longer if it is a whole fish.
Serve with white rice and a salad of choice or green vegetables.


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