Flognarde aux poires

Wonderfully simple and so so good – a delicious mix between Clafoutis and Tarte Tatin. I made it with pears, and you can use prunes or apples, or any semi soft fruit. I was inspired from this recipe from Un Déjeuner au Soleil. (I omitted a few items from the original recipe such as Rum and vanilla. I also used brown sugar instead of regular sugar.)


1- Wash, peal and cut in large chunks six pears. Place in a small deep pan along with 20 gr of high quality butter and 20 gr of brown sugar. Mix from time to time, and let it simmer about 15 minutes until you can smell the process of caramelisation (the pears becoming sweet).
2- In the meantime, melt 40 gr of high quality butter and set aside.
3- In a large bowl, mix four organic eggs with 80 gr of brown sugar. Mix until all the sugar has dissolved. Add 400 ml of cold milk and mix again. Add a teaspoon of salt mixed with 120 gr of flour. Add it in batches and continue mixing. Add the melted butter at the very end, and mix again very well.
4- Prepare a baking dish lined with butter and a little bit of flour.
5- Place the pears at the bottom of the baking pan (try not to take too much liquid). Pour the egg and flour mixture on top and bake for 40 minutes in a 170º C oven.
6- Wait at least 30 minutes before turning the pan over and placing the Flognarde in a plate.

Serve at room temperature and keep in the fridge. 


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