Plain Paratha (Tawa Paratha)

Lovely! Just like little tortillas with a South Asian touch.


1- In a large bowl mix two cups of sifted flour (whole or white or mixed), two teaspoons of baking yeast and a pinch of salt.
2- Add three tablespoons of olive oil and knead, slowly adding half a cup of warm water. Knead until the dough feels light and no longer sticks to your fingers.
3- Let it rest for 30 minutes covered in a warm place.
4- Take a small ball from the dough and spread it with a roller, then cut the sides with a sharp knife to make it into a square.
5- Place the square on a heated pan (no oil) and turn it over when it starts making air bubbles. It takes about one to two minutes per side.

Serve warm as you would use bread or tortillas.  


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