Gratin de pâtes

If you ever wondered what to do with left-over pasta just do a “gratin de pâtes”! It’s easy and so good.


1- Fry some thinly sliced garlic.
2- Mix it with the pasta along with some heavy cream, freshly ground pepper and some shredded cheese. Use Gruyère or Emmental, or similar cheeses. Here I used Grana Padano.
3- Place in a baking dish and top with more shredded cheese.
4- Bake for at least 15 minutes, or until the top is golden, in a 180 degree C. oven.

Tip: you can also add a tablespoon of mustard to give it a nice taste! 

Note: The pasta looks a bit yellow because I generally add some turmeric to the boiling water when cooking pasta. That way we get all the spice’s health benefits. 


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