Salsa verde (raw)

This is a wonderful way to make salsa verde or “green sauce” – a typical Mexican sauce made with “tomates” (as they are known in Mexico – “tomatoes” are known as “jitomates”) or “tomatillo” or “Mexican husk tomatoes” as they are known in English.

The sauce enhances any dish of fish, chicken or quesadillas. It can also be used as a dip.

This salsa verde is raw and should be served immediately after making it. It is very fresh!  I served it for lunch with white fish filets cooked in a covered pan with olive oil, lemon rinds, garlic, fresh cilantro (corriander) and Vietnamese white ginger root.

If you prefer the cooked version, and you might since it can be kept in the fridge for a few days, just use this recipe, cooking all the ingredients (except the lime juice) for about 20 minutes on low fire, then passing it through the mixer, then adding the juice of one lime at the very end.


For one kg of “tomates”:
1- Wash the tomates and cut them in half.
2- Place them in a mixer along with a handful of washed fresh cilantro (coriander), a few garlic cloves (you can also use half an onion), some salt, the juice of one lime and some fresh Jalapeño peppers (or not).
3- Add a quarter cup of water and mix until it has an even consistency.
Serve immediately. 


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