Dijon mustard chicken with baby tomatoes and thyme

This is one of our favourite dishes at home. I had not made it for a while and I had forgotten how good its aroma is!


For two breasts of chicken
1- In a deep oven dish, place two tablespoons of Dijon mustard, two teaspoons of cumin, a few garlic cloves crushed, the leaves of two long stems of rosemary (I used some from my little balcony) and a dash of olive oil. Mix well.
2- Cut breasts of chicken in cubes. Place them in the dish and mix with the mustard base. Make sure they are well coated.
3- Wash about one kg of baby tomatoes and make a small slice with a knife in their skin. Place in the oven dish.
4- Cover with aluminum foil (do not forget to make a few holes for the steam to be released while cooking) and cook for 45 minutes in a 180º C. oven.

I served it with Bastami rice.


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