Lemon marmalade

It tasted really good! It is the first time I made lemon marmalade and I have to say that with toast and butter, it transported me to my childhood. The marmalade came out a little bit more liquid than the ones in stores (because a “gel” enhancer is added) and here it is just fruits and sugar.


1- Slice six washed lemons, discarding the seeds, and let them stand covered for 24 hours in one litre of water plus the juice of one lemon.


2- Place the lemons with the water in a large pot, add one kilogram of sugar, stir and bring to a boil then let it simmer (with bubbles) for 90 minutes, stirring from time to time.
3-Place in sterilised jars and let them cool before putting them in the fridge. It should be ready in 24 hours.


3 thoughts on “Lemon marmalade

  1. pour le première fois de ma vie j’ai fait de la confiture cet hiver (orange miel vanille, pas mal). et donc je vais maintenant me mettre à la marmelade de citron.

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