Pain perdu et pommes au four

The French call it “lost bread with apples in the oven”, and on the other side of the Channel they call it “bread and apple pudding.” No matter what name you chose, it is easy to make and so delicious! Here the French version of the recipe made with pain de campagne and little organic apples.


1- Warm up 75 cl of milk (do not let it boil).
2- Cut a whole pain the campagne in rough squares and place them in the milk in a large bowl to soak.
3- Meanwhile, beat three eggs with two generous tablespoons of brown sugar until the sugar has melted.
4- Pour the egg mixture with the milk and bread, and mix.
5- Cut five small apples in rough squares and place in the bread mix.
6- Pour it all in a buttered dish and let in bake for 45 minutes in a 180º C. oven.

Let it cool before serving. I personally like it cold, the next day after a night in the fridge served with fresh strawberries. 


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