Mini Tiramisu

This recipe is for 18 Savoiardi (lady fingers) – counting three Savoiardi per small cup.


1- Prepare two cups of espresso coffee and let it cool down.
2- In a bowl, beat three eggs whites stiff.
3- In a larger bowl, beat the yolk of three eggs and a little bit less than half a cup of brown sugar until the color becomes a bit lighter. Add one cup of Mascarpone and beat until smooth.
4- Mix gently the egg whites with the other mixture.
5- In small individual cups, place one Savoiardi dipped lightly in the espresso and cut in half. You can add half another Savoiardi to fill the bottom. Place one generous tablespoon of the Mascarpone mixture. Add another layer of Savoiardi dipped in espresso. Finish with the rest of the mixture. Repeat for each cup.
6- Cover tightly and place in the fridge for 24 hours. Leave it in the fridge until just before serving.
7- Just before serving, powder with high quality 100% cocoa powder using a small sieve.


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