Waffle sticks

Today being a day off from school, I made waffles. Actually I make waffles all the time and just freeze them, then heat them up in the toaster-oven for breakfast.

I have searched high and low for a good waffle maker, and after going through three such makers (all electric) in the past three years, I decided to go for a non-electric one. This one, and sorry for the product placement, is simply wonderful: easy to use, easy to clean and it makes wonderful waffles. That is all anyone could ask for. This Nordic Ware Waffle Stick Pan is from William-Sonoma and I ordered it by mail.


For about 16 waffle sticks
1- Melt 3 tablespoons (40 gr) of butter and let it cool.
2- In a large bowl, beat thoroughly 155 gr of flour (one and a half cup), half a tablespoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt, the yolk of four eggs and 250 ml of milk (a little more than  cup). Add the cooled melted butter at the end.
3- In a separate bowl, beat the four egg whites stiff.
4- Gently mix the egg white with the flour mixture.
5- Heat up both sides of the waffle pan (per instruction) and cook four sticks at a time (about two tablespoons of dough per waffle stick) one and half minutes to two minutes per side.
Enjoy with fresh fruits and honey or Nutella!


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