Delicious Sardines with peaches

I try and eat sardines at least once a week. It is said to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is packed with vitamin B-12, vitamin D and proteins. Oh and one more thing I almost forgot: it is said to be excellent for improving memory!


For a small can of standard Sardines
1- Always use Sardines in olive oil with no added ingredients.
2- Mix with the Sardines, one peach diced, a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, some grated fresh ginger, freshly ground pepper and a few leaves of fresh herbs (I used basil and mint) cut with scissors.
3- Pour the juice of one lemon. Toss and serve.

I served it with fresh French baguette on the side. It was still warm from the baker!


One thought on “Delicious Sardines with peaches

  1. Nous aimons aussi beaucoup les sardines (tu as raison, on devrait en manger plus souvent !). Ta recette est très extraordinaire ! … en attendant l’été prochain, je vais l’adapter sans pêches.

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