Baghrir – Moroccan crêpes, served with honey and fresh fruits. A recipe straight from my grandmother’s kitchen. Here presented on an Uzbek plate. Wonderful for breakfast or desert.


For about 20 Baghrir
1- Mix one and quarter cup of milk, one and quarter cup of water (very warm but not boiling), two and half cups of flour, one and half teaspoon of Baker’s yeast, two eggs very well beaten, and a pinch of salt.
2- After mixing well let it stand covered with a clothe for one hour. It should double in volume.
3- Pour half a ladle into a non-stick pan over low heat, and let it cook slowly. Do not turn over. It is ready when all the bubbles that form on top are cooked.

To serve: heat-up honey in a deep pan, moist the baghrir one by one in the warm honey and place on plate topped with fresh fruit. Serve immediately. 

Tip – They keep very well in the fridge or the freezer. Just wrap them in cloth then tightly in a ziplock. I generally make them in advance, place them in the fridge then just dip them in hot honey and serve them.


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