Moelleux au chocolat

Fabulous! I tweaked the typical French recipe around a little, putting in less sugar and using only dark chocolate.


1- Butter a baking dish (either a large one or individual ones). Place 50 gr of high quality dark chocolate cut in pieces at the bottom on the large baking dish.
2- In a bain-marie, melt 150 gr of high quality dark chocolate with 80 gr of butter.
3- Meanwhile, in a large bowl, beat four eggs with one third of a cup of brown sugar (or half a cup of regular sugar). Add two generous tablespoons of flour and mix again until uniform. Add the chocolate and mix again on high speed.
4- Pour the mixture in the baking dish, and bake for 15 min in a 180 degree C. oven. Serve warm.

Tip: an alternative would be to prepare this in individual ramekins. 


3 thoughts on “Moelleux au chocolat

  1. Kenza, do you pour the mixture with melted chocolate on the 50gr of the chocolate in the baking dish?

    I always wanted to cook a moileux but never found a courage. May be I try your recipes?

    Thanks, Sabira

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