Wonderful flat bread from India!


For about 20 chapatis.

1- Place two cups of sifted whole wheat flower in a large bowl. In India, “Atta” is used which is slightly finer (made of “durum” wheat) than the usual whole wheat flour found in the West. I suggest you mix wheat and white flour (50-50 or 75-25) to make a lighter and fluffier chapati.
2- Add a teaspoon of salt and start kneading the dough by poring slowly three quarters of a cup of water at room temperature. To ease the kneading, you can wet your hand with a little bit of olive oil.


3- Place the dough in a closed container and let it stand for an hour.
4- Make little balls and flatten them with a roll, using a bit of flour so that they do not stick. Cook each Chapati on a pan on medium fire. It takes less than 30 seconds for each side. You will see air bubbles forming.

Tip: If you see that the dough is sticking to the pan, just wipe it from time to time with a napkin with a few drops of olive oil. I actually do it in between each chapati so that the pan remains clean of any flour. 


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