Roasted bell peppers

Preparing roasted bell peppers takes a few minutes and they make a great anti-pasto!
You can also mix them with pasta or place as a pizza topping. And frankly, the taste is much better than the supermarket equivalent.

Bell peppers

1- With a long thong, hold the peppers one by one directly in the flame on the gas range (it makes no smoke so don´t worry about the smoke detector going off). The flame will turn the bell pepper´s skin black.
2- Once it is black on all sides, place in a plastic bag and close properly.
3- Leave them in the bag until they cools down. Then take them out and wash thoroughly under cold water until all the skin has peeled off.
4- Cut the peppers in long slices, put a few drops of olive oil, roasted garlic and some herbs of choice.
Tip: If you want to store them, keep the peppers whole and place in a jar with a little bit of olive oil, crushed garlic and salt.


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