Farfalle with salmon

A very simple and really delicious dish – Farfalle with salmon, asparagus, roasted bell peppers in a pesto sauce with ricotta.

1- Cook the pasta (use high quality Farfalle). About eight minutes before it is done, add the asparagus (only use the top third) in the same pot. About one and half minutes before it is done, add the fresh salmon cut in cubes. When the pasta is done, gently place all the ingredients in a colander to drain the excess water.
2- Put some Genovese pesto at the bottom of a large serving bowl (you can add some later if you feel it is not enough), gently pour the pasta with the asparagus and salmon, add the roasted bell peppers cut in thin slices and mix all the ingredients very delicately so that the salmon does not come apart.
3- Serve immediately topped with ricotta.

Tip – Genovese pesto is made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, grated cheese (Parmigiano most often, Pecorino Romano can also be used), olive oil and some salt.


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