Gâteau au chocolat

The French chocolate cake – as child, and as many other children in France, I used to help prepare this cake and it was a wonderful treat for the afternoon goûter. It is easy and all the ingredients are healthy.


Le gâteau
1- In a large bowl mix thoroughly: two cups of sifted flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, half a cup of brown sugar, one pot of heavy cream (200 ml) and three eggs.
2- Place in a prepared baking pan and bake for 40 minutes at 175º c.
3- Take the cake out of the pan and let it cool.

Le chocolat
1- While the cake cools down, melt in bain-marie 100 gr of high quality dark chocolat with 50 gr of high quality butter.
2- Once all has melted, take it out of the bain-marie and mix thoroughly with a spatula.

Le gâteau au chocolat
1- Cut the cake in half horizontally.
2- Spread some chocolate sauce in the middle.
3- Close the cake and spread the rest of the chocolate sauce on top.

Serve when you feel like it even if it is still warm. It is actually best after it has spent some time in the fridge as the chocolate hardens. Enjoy!


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